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We help employees move on with their careers by fighting unreasonable employment agreements, including non-competes and non-solicitation agreements.


We help employers close on strategic hires by defeating unreasonable restrictions that obstruct employers from employing certain employees.

So you signed a non-compete or non-solicitation agreement.  Maybe you didn’t read the fine print when you signed.  Maybe you didn’t have counsel review it and had no idea what you were signing.  Or maybe just needed the job and quickly signed, hoping for the best.

Or, if you’re an employer, perhaps you’ve found the perfect strategic hire—but that potential hire has an absurd non-compete or non-solicitation agreement that complicates your hiring decision.  Maybe you’ve even reached out to the current or former employer, who, for whatever reason, refuses to let you close on the hire.

Whatever the situation, the bottom line is that not all non-competes are created equal and many are downright unenforceable.  In fact, employers must carefully draft non-competes or risk a court striking them down.  Many employees don’t fully know this and assume that a court will enforce the non-compete.

You bet that the other side will pound the table and insist that every portion of the contract is enforceable in every context, across the board.  Oftentimes that is not the case.  For instance, it is incredibly important to assess not only who the new employer is (or will be), but also the employee’sspecific role within the new organization.

Get the edge you need with a skilled assessment of your contract and expert advice on your options. Even if I cannot outright invalidate the agreement, other outcomes often include:

  • Shortening how long the non-compete lasts.
  • Allowing work in a specific type of job, even if it’s for a competitor.
  • Permitting employment in a particular city or state despite what the non-compete says.

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