Cronkhite obtains $40,020.00 award against delinquent tenant.

March 18th, 2021

Many tenants have abused COVID protections by overstaying their welcome without paying a dime. My client provides a critical service, relocating disaster victims to temporary housing. Most homeowners have insurance policies that cover relocation costs. But those costs have a limit. The defendant in this matter used all of her insurance proceeds. But she then […]

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Cronkhite successfully defends client in five-day arbitration against $3,700,000 in contractual and partnership claims while simultaneously obtaining injunction on behalf of client.

January 28th, 2021

One of my clients provides sophisticated IT services to the Department of Defense.  The client recently won a lucrative multi-million federal contract.  The client’s subcontractor then sued my client for more than $3.7 million.  The subcontractor asserted that my client breached alleged partnership and contractual obligations—including a right of first refusal—by not hiring the subcontractor […]

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Cronkhite obtains $405,120.20 arbitration award and attorney’s fees against former director who defrauded staffing company.

January 6th, 2021

A Michigan arbitrator recently awarded $405,120.20 to my client—a national staffing company—after arbitration proceedings.  In 2018, the staffing company hired a director-level employee to manage a new staffing division.  The employee had represented to the staffing company that he had a well-established network of existing clients, as well as a large roster of individuals to […]

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Achieved Trademark Injunction and $39,464.75 in Attorney Fees for Trademark Misappropriation.

December 23rd, 2020

My client is a well-respected business that provides 401k services to self-employed entrepreneurs small business owners. One day, my client discovered from a customer that one of my client’s employees was soliciting business from its customers.  My client investigated and found that its employee had been mass emailing solicitations to my client’s customer base.  My […]

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Cronkhite accelerates commercial lease, evicts tenant, and obtains $83,999.00 award.

October 7th, 2020

There’s no question that commercial space is moving more slowly in the Covid era. There’s also an uptick in lease delinquencies. Amidst these challenges, commercial landlords have a rare advantage: Covid is allowing landlords to reap increased rents due to lease acceleration. Lease acceleration occurs when a tenant breaches a lease and the lease’s term has months […]

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